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Cold and flu season is upon us; I could feel the consequences of it at our house! It is difficult enough to keep one infant healthful, but add preschool and another small one to the mixture, and it is an uphill struggle. Fortunately, there are lots of preventative motions you can make this Fall and Winter, which can keep your little ones healthy and from their kindergarten’s office! Now I’m sharing a few cold and influenza season strategies for you and your loved ones.

I have quickly learned that maintaining mother healthy is a critical part of maintaining the entire home healthy. And let us be true, there are no sick days for mothers. One thing I have been doing is taking a daily multivitamin. This tiny tablet has been assisting in making sure I am receiving the vital nutrients daily and is also thought to help reduce stress. Since anxiety makes it more difficult for the body to fight infections, you better believe I’m trying to maintain my concern.

I have been trying to drink more water. This is difficult for me to be sure you perform throughout the winter months. However, I feel as it will help clean away colds and keeps me feeling healthy. I will typically pack a water bottle in my purse once we are away from your home for the majority of the day.

Pregnancy is terrific — your body is developing another individual while still caring for you! All that work can leave you feeling run down, mainly when germs are afoot. For elderly momma’s who are under the weather, drink lots of fluids — water and be sure that you get as much rest as possible! Your body will require additional help to fight off disease.

Be sure that you always seek advice from your OBGYN before taking any medicine while pregnant — although the gentle substance can be harmful to the baby! Hot showers, hot tea, and a hot meal on the sofa during film night are a few of my favourite home treatments.

It is one thing for you to get sick, but it’s a whole other creature if your child is under the weather! Fortunately, there are few Things You can do to prevent a Few of the germs out of turning into a hectic frenzy:

1. Nursing | If you are still nursing, then keep this up throughout the winter months to help construct infant’s immunity!

If a baby is ill, your own body will pass along anti-bodies by your breast milk and also assist baby to fight disease. In case your toddler is sick, nursing can help protect your baby too. We had been in the middle of weaning when Brody had tonsillitis a week, and our paediatrician even advocated I maintain nursing Isla before Brody recovered. There is a reason that they call breast milk gold!

2. Cart Covers | Kids pick up germs anywhere, and the shop is no exception.

If you are out shopping, be sure that you wash your cart before placing your little one at the basket. But better yet, use a cart cap. This may prevent your small shopping friend from placing their mouth right on the shopping cart. There are a few super cute ones on the market, but the creme de la creme is the Boppy Luxe Shopping Cart Cover. I shared it on Instagram tales a couple of weeks back, and I had numerous messages out of mothers that told me they love using this cart insure also. Super soft Minky chair, a crinkly pleasure publication attached to amusement, matches every single cart I have tried it on–all these are only a couple of things I love about doing it. Additionally, it works well on high seats.

3. Just Say No | Babies are adorable and there is no doubt your baby is the cutest of all, but even the most adorable infant is vulnerable to germs this influenza season.

Ensure relatives and friends know that should they’re ill; they will not have the ability to snuggle your child till they are 100% greater. I understand these newborn cheeks are so kissable but think about prepping your family and friends to let them know you’d like they prevent kissing them. Even though it does not appear severe, a cough and sore throat for a grownup may be a disease or severe cold for a baby or toddler.

If you are a part of this Momma Society Facebook Group, you have probably noticed elderberry syrup mentioned that a time or 2. Parents from shore to shore are CRAZY about elderberry syrup, also for a good reason! Should you do a fast google search, you may see article after article chanting its urge as a natural method to avoid illness (or hasten the retrieval ). I am usually sceptical about matters such as this; however, after using a sick toddler to get what looked like two months straight, I’m giving it a move.

Some recipes use honey so surely avoid those recipes when you’ve got a small one under 12 weeks! Also, make sure to consult your physician or primary care physician, to be sure elderberry syrup is acceptable for your children.

Elderberry syrup will sell out mainly during the winter months, but thanks to the excellent DIY recipe, Momma Society has you covered! Brody and I have been fighting one ailment following another, so using a simple method I could make at home was a complete lifesaver.

Spoiler alert: It’s much less expensive than purchasing the syrup. One little jar cost me just over $6 to create.
Cook Time: 1 Hour


One tablespoon dried ginger root

Three cinnamon sticks

1/4 tsp tsp

1/2 cup uncooked honey



1.     Pour water into a saucepan and add elderberries, ginger, cinnamon and cloves.

2.     Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer and cover for 45 minutes-1 hour until the liquid is reduced by about half

3.     Remove from heat and let cool

4.     Mash the berries carefully with a flat utensil

5.     Pour through a strainer into a glass jar (a mason jar works great!) Discard the elderberries.

6.     Mix in the honey.

7. Refrigerate.

Full disclosure: Your home will smell yummy after making this. We add a teaspoon of syrup to Brody’s waffle, or a little bigger reverted into my waffle.

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