Guide to Bathe a Baby


Spot clean your baby daily around his mouth, neck and groin — mainly, wherever that will get soiled. As for correct bathing, “one to 2 occasions per week is a lot,” Shu mentioned, and swimming too ceaselessly can result in dry pores and skin or eczema, pores and skin situation characterised by pink, itchy pores and skin and rashes.

To clean a child earlier than her umbilical twine stump falls off

— which often occurs 5 to 15 days after delivery — you’ll need to give sponge baths. To try this, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends wrapping your child in a towel and laying her down on a tender flat floor.

First wipe her face with a clean,

moist washcloth — you don’t need to use cleaning soap as a result of it may get into her eyes or mouth — then apply a small quantity of child cleaning soap onto the washcloth and gently wipe the remainder of her physique. Then wipe your child’s physique once more with a clean damp washcloth. After the bathtub, take into account making use of a child moisturizer, reminiscent of petroleum jelly, Mattke mentioned, to forestall dry pores and skin.

As soon as your child’s umbilical twine stump has fallen off,

you may bathe him in a sturdy plastic child bathtub or basin. Earlier than beginning the tub, ensure you have all the things you want inside attain — child cleaning soap or shampoo, washcloths, a cup for rinsing and a dry towel. (If it is advisable to get one thing after you’ve put your child within the tub, carry your child with you — by no means depart a child unattended in a shower, or he may drown.) Fill the bathtub with two inches of heat water round 100 levels Fahrenheit. Place your child on his again within the tub and wash him with a washcloth and a small quantity of child cleaning soap, rinsing with clear heat water afterwards. Take into account making use of moisturiser reminiscent of petroleum jelly to your child’s damp pores and skin eventually.

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