Key Benefits Of Breast Feeding


In the early days with a new baby, a new mother will often feel a bit daunted by the idea of breastfeeding and may struggle with the decision over when to use the bottle and when to use the breast. As the saying goes, “breast is best”. This is true in that there are more natural nutrients in breast milk that will ever be found in bottled formula, and it enables the baby to grow up in better health than would otherwise be possible. Some of the Key Benefits Of Breast Feeding are discussed here.

There is, it goes without saying, some drawback to this. But there are drawbacks to everything, and it is how you address them that is really important. A baby will require feeding at regular intervals, and for a mother who is breastfeeding, this can present a few interesting challenges. For one, there is always the concern of whether the baby will need to be fed while you are out for one reason r another. Breastfeeding in public is still frowned upon by many, and in some places, you will be asked to leave if you do it. This limits where you can go and what you can do, and although you can express breast milk to be served from a bottle, this affects the temperature.

Additionally, some mothers feel that breastfeeding causes unreasonable pain in the nipples. Expressing milk is a partial answer to this, but achieving the right temperature is only part of the problem there. Some people feel that feeding directly from the breast is the only way to establish the closeness that a mother and baby should have – anything less and you will have to deal with people asking you why you are not doing it, and regardless of your reasons, they will keep doing so.

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