What we need to know about Baby Food Pouches

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Among the most recent trends in baby food is that the squeeze pouch. They are simple to put away or soda into your messenger bag, and several claims to add fresh, healthy grains, such as kale and quinoa.

When you are introducing solids to your infant, cup feeding pouch purees can be a fantastic alternative. However, between 6 and 9 weeks, your baby will be prepared to go beyond pureed meals, so it is time to depart the components behind.

Children will need to learn how actual food looks, tastes and feels so that they can develop appreciating those nutritious choices in their routine condition. Pureed veggies along with other wholesome foods concealed in a vibrant pouch–using fruit included to disguise the flavour –can wrongly teach him that healthful diet comes out of a container.

As soon as your child is beyond the puree phase, help him create wholesome eating habits by swapping the pouch for new foods in their natural condition. For the price of only one touch, you can purchase a pound of carrots and a couple of bananas–sufficient genuine veggies and fruits for the entire family to enjoy!
Baby food components May Lead to picky eaters

Be cautious:

Many pouches contain juice or fruit, which is not noted on the front part of the package. And if your toddler’s vegetables, legumes and grains are sweetened with fruit, then he is not as inclined to enjoy the flavour of these foods afterwards.


sucking food using a pouch educates him to favour smooth, liquid meals, so he may not take the wide variety of textures found in new veggies, grains and meat.

Merely speaking, pouches will help make eaters.
Overusing infant food components can impact his health

Here is why:

Some pouches have more sugar than entire fruit and therefore are more inclined to sit down in your kid’s gums and teeth, which may result in tooth decay. Your toddler will not feel as complete after he slurps out of a pouch, which may result in overeating. Even though reports of mould or other contaminants are not the standard, they’ve occurred.

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