Properly Child Care at Four Months



Your child ought to nonetheless be taking breast milk or toddler method. Most infants now take about 6 to 7 ounces each Four to five hours. You can begin juice on the age of Four to six months however ought to restrict it to a couple of ounces every day.

If you happen to give your child breast milk, it’s an excellent suggestion to typically feed your child with pumped milk that you put in a bottle. Then your child will study one other solution to drink milk, and different folks can get pleasure from feeding your child.

Some infants at the moment are prepared to start cereal. A child is ready for seed when he is ready to maintain his head up, sufficient to eat from a spoon. Use a spoon to feed your child cereal, not a bottle or a toddler feeder. You are sitting up, whereas consuming helps your child study good consuming habits. Once you begin cereal, begin with rice cereal blended with breast milk or method. You could wish to start with a lean mixture of seed after which thicken it regularly.

Pureed vegetables and fruit can begin between Four and six months. Begin a brand new meals or juice no extra typically than every five days to ensure your child shouldn’t be allergic to the brand fresh meals.

Infants will reply gleefully after they see a bottle; however, do not give your child a bottle to quiet him when he is not hungry. Infants who spend an excessive amount of time with a bottle of their mouth begin to use the bottle as a safety object, which makes weaning harder. They’re additionally extra more likely to have ear infections and tooth decay issues. Discover one other safety object like a stuffed animal or a blanket.

Infants are beginning to roll over from abdomen to again. Your child’s voice might change into louder. He might squeal when glad or cry when he needs meals or to be held. In each instance, mild, soothing sounds are one of the best ways to calm your child. Infants at this age get pleasure from toys that make noise when shaken.

It’s regular for infants to cry. At this age, you may spoil a child. Assembly your child’s wants rapidly continues to be a good suggestion.

Many infants are sleeping by the night time by Four months of age and also will nap Four to six hours through the daytime. In case your child’s sleeping patterns are different than this, you’ll wish to ask your physician for concepts about methods to maintain your child alert and awake through the day and snoozing at night time. Keep in mind to put your child in mattress on her again.

Studying and Digital Media
Because the child will get older, learn to her daily. Great books which are sturdy (material or board books). Choose books with vivid colours and enormous natural photos.

Your child might start teething. Whereas getting enamel, your child might drool and chew a lot sooner. A teething ring could also be helpful.

Security Suggestions
Choking and Suffocation

  • Take away hanging mobiles or toys earlier than the infant can attain them.
  • Hold cords, ropes, or strings away out of your child, particularly close to the crib. Lines and chains across the child’s neck can choke him.
  • Hold plastic baggage and balloons out of attaining.
  • Use solely indestructible toys without sharp edges or small elements that may come unfastened.

Fires and Burns

  • By no means eat, drink, or carry something scorching close to the infant or when you are holding the infant.
  • Flip down your water heater to 120°F (50°C).
  • Examine your smoke detectors to ensure they work.
  • Examine method temperature rigorously. Formulation needs to be heat or cold to the contact.


  • By no means depart the infant alone on an excessive place.
  • Hold crib and playpen sides up.
  • Don’t put your child in a walker.

Automotive Security

  • Use an authorised toddler automotive seat appropriately within the again seat.
  • By no means depart your child alone in an automotive.
  • Put on your security belt.


  • Youngsters who stay in a home the place somebody smokes have other respiratory infections. Their signs are additionally extra extreme and last more than these of kids who remain in a smoke-free house.
  • If you happen to smoke, set a stop date and cease. Set an excellent instance in your youngster. If you happen to can’t stop, do NOT smoke in the home or close to youngsters.

On the 4-month go to, your child ought to have a:

  • DTaP (diphtheria, acellular pertussis, tetanus) shot
  • Hib (Haemophilus influenza kind B) shot
  • polio shot pneumococcal (PCV7) sho
  • rotavirus oral vaccine.

Some infants additionally obtain a hepatitis B shot at this age.

A few of these vaccines will be mixed in the identical shot, so your child might not have Four or five separate photographs.

Your child might run a fever and be irritable for about one day after the photographs. Your child can also have some soreness, redness, and swelling the place the pictures got.

You could give acetaminophen drops within the acceptable dose to forestall the fever and irritability. For swelling or soreness, put a moist, heat washcloth on the realm of the photographs as typically and so long as wanted for consolation.

Name your kid’s healthcare supplier if:

  • Your youngster has a rash or any response aside from fever and mild irritability.
  • Your youngster has a fever that lasts more significant than 36 hours.

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