Baby’s Love Letter To Mommy: Mom You’re my Number 1

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It’s so silent mommy — where’s everybody? Oh wait, the dream has only changed to you’re shoe buying at a spot with rows and rows of rainbow coloured sandals and favourable shoe guys that look like George Clooney. I understand you’re in the centre of a fantastic fantasy, enjoying a sunny holiday with dad on an exotic island and that appears to be me on your imagination, perfectly quiet, sporting some immaculate designer ensemble. I’m swinging softly in a white infant hammock drifting gently above a gorgeous lush tropical garden.

As I was going to say sorry for this little shout to wake you from these wonderfully vivid fantasies, but now in my short life, my voice would be all I must receive your attention. Throughout the afternoon, I hear that the strange phrases and words that appear to gain your attention, but it’s 2 am, and it is only me, and you and I do not wish to wake up everyone — just you. You’re most likely wondering why.

I am sure that this does not feel fair, but you’re the only person who appears to know me and everything I want at 2 is genuine. Occasionally daddy provides me with a beverage and does this mad rocking thing. I like that so much, but the majority of the time, I must acknowledge it is just you, my mom, I desire and want. Although it’s altogether true that I am thirsty and hungry — there’s much more in my small head that you can understand.

Ok, it is pretty clear, but I enjoy you providing me mommy hugs and holding me close to you during the night. You smell lovely, and just the touch of the skin makes me feel protected, safe and informs me I belong right here, right now. Remember it was not that long ago I had been snuggled up in you, secure and sound. This entire transition into the”real world” has proven to be somewhat confusing and overwhelming. Did I overlook the instruction book? I sometimes don’t have any clue what I am supposed to perform. Small thoughts come into my thoughts, but they’re a mess. There’s so much colour, noise, and confronts. If this means waking up by the fantastic dreams, nicely thank you, mother, for picking me.

Mommy, I know my crying entirely is relatively bothersome.

However, if we could think of a much better idea, I’d guarantee to give it a go. Perhaps you may attach a tiny bell on my wrist, or we can make another magical approach to allow you to know how I feel. I honestly think that crying is relatively healthy, however. My infant instincts tell me it’s much better to get a fantastic shout than allowing frightening ideas to spin around on your head. Why do I see you crying occasionally? Sometimes just having a small drink and holding your palms makes me feel much better. As I said before, I am a bit overwhelmed with what at this time.

It is accurate, I do get hungry a lot, and that my period is not broken into day hungry and nighttime hungry.

Sometimes I only need to eat. I don’t understand this breastfeeding thing functions — but the more food that you create like magical tastes merely fantastic! And I love how you hold me personally and the way you breathe profoundly and stroke my mind and also sing little songs occasionally. Sometimes I think you’re hurting a little, but you never allow me to understand and you never blame me. Not sure why you condemn yourself; however, that appears to be a part of being a mother, I do not know yet. Thanks for being brave. It is just wonderful to snuggle up to some man or woman who only loves me and cares for me without expecting anything in return — and that has good food to provide 24/7.

Occasionally I get these feelings that something awful will happen that I am not prepared for yet.

I haven’t had a whole lot of experience on the planet, therefore a sudden noise in the evening or even absolute silence whenever I wake up by myself in my bed with hanging mobiles, collages of wild creatures and shadows on the walls. Everything makes me feel somewhat vulnerable and stressed. I know it is a choice between your sleeping and my grin. However, I think that it’s a sensible thing for me to offer you. I know you’re super exhausted — I do. Please, understand that I am brand new at this — much more extensive than you personally.

Therefore, thanks to the mother for waking up and wanting to determine what’s in my mind.

I understand it requires a good deal from you. I know you get tired. I see you through the afternoon, and it makes me sad sometimes to understand I kept you awake for hours, merely yelling and crying and giggling, demanding hugs and food and business. I guarantee you’ll always get me by your side. You made me that’s a pretty cool mother. And I’ll thank you all of my life for it.

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