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I have a lot of lists about must-haves for babies, things you should put on your registry, things to purchase moms for their baby showers, and even the most elementary collection of baby essentials. That is not what we are talking about today. Today I want to speak about things to buy before your baby is born that you usually would not find on a must-have baby item list, the things which people do not consider, but which are SUPER handy to have available when you get home from the hospital.

The very last thing you want to do when you come home from the hospital with a baby is going into the shop because you don’t have anything you need, and getting these items in your home is going to be super useful. Some of those things are for your postpartum comfort, and some of them are for taking care of a toddler, but in any event, you will be happy you’ve got them, and they’ll help remove some of the stress of coming home from the hospital!

Here are  things to purchase before your baby is born that you would not usually think about:

Witch hazel pads.

These were probably my favourite thing I got from the hospital when my first two were born. They supply as much relief after your baby is born, and I ran from those they provided me with pretty quickly. You merely set one or 2 in your undies in addition to the lovely maxi pads you have to wear postpartum, and they supply cooling relief you will so desperately want. Something like those Tucks pads

That will last you till you don’t want them anymore.

Stain remover.

No matter how absorbent your leftovers are or how often you change them, you’re probably going to experience several blowouts. My favourite way to get blowout stains from clothing is available here. Also, it uses OxiClean.

The earlier you get it on the blot, the easier it’s going to be to wash (but it will work on set-in stains, too), so it is far better to have some on hand. Otherwise, you could ruin a few of your favourite baby outfits!

Cotton balls.

This is a hint we picked up from the baby fundamentals course we took at the hospital before our first was born. When you’re cleaning baby in the bath, using a warm, wet cotton ball (one per eye, swept from inside to outside of the eye) is a super simple, hygienic, and straightforward method to clean your infant’s eyes. Infants receive a lot of counties, and this is one way we discovered to wash them gently!

Diaper ointment.

Extra diaper rash lotion is good to have on hand no matter what, but If You’re having a boy and are planning on circumcising him, You’re going to want to have any A+D Ointment.

A+D additionally makes diaper rash lotion, but the kind I am referring to is the prevent kind rather than the treatment type. We ran from the one we got from the hospital very quickly, so we’re going to get some extra on hand this time.

Stretchy cotton panties you can throw away. And even with those beautiful diaper-like maxi pads in your panties, you’re still probably going to ruin a few pairs. I have many pairs of cotton underwear (so they’re breathable) I use just for this period because if I end up having to throw them away, it doesn’t even matter to me.

Yes, the hospital will probably give you a few of these, also, but it is not going to last you as long as you’ll want them. So get some additional thick maxi pads (with wings to avoid leaking, although they are bizarre and will make you feel old and helpless ). Ones that are specifically for wearing overnight (like those

Soothies gel pads.

Besides the witch hazel pads, my absolute favourite thing I got in the hospital was a set of those smoothies gel pad.

You set them in the refrigerator, and they make all nice and cold and feel SO GOOD on your tender, tender, aching breasts because you adjust to your milk supply and your nipples toughen up. I was super bummed they gave me one set, and they can be reused for 72 hours, so I’m going to purchase a few games of them for when I get home from the hospital. They are heaven.

Nipple lotion.

Another thing you ought to prepare yourself for is sore nipples. If you are breastfeeding, it is going to take some time to adapt to having a baby suck your brow, and if you don’t have any nipple lotion, you put yourself at danger of drying out your nipples (sounds terrible, correct?). Your nipples will likely hurt initially (they shouldn’t after you get accustomed to it), and having some nipple cream to rub them after each feeding session helps keep them sterile. The favourite that I’ve attempted is a kind of Lansinoh.

Breast pads.

So you probably know of the one before. However, I want to include them because you can’t endure breastfeeding without them. And even if you aren’t planning on breastfeeding or end up not having the ability to, you’re going to need some to prevent leaking since you dry out.

Baby mittens.

This was one that for actual saved us. Our babies are born with tiny claws, and it is pretty much impossible to cut off their nails when they’re that small, therefore having some infant mittens so that they would not scratch their little face up was a must for us. Some baby clothes have them assembled into the sleeves, which is fine, but if you are not fortunate enough to possess them for every single outfit (who would?), have a pair or two of those

So your infant won’t get claw marks all over their perfect little face (or yours!).

Baby nail document. Nobody ever told me about this until our son was born, and it relates to the thing over, but submitting your baby’s claws is the best way to get rid of those pesky small claws. We didn’t have any clue when Little J was born so that my husband needed to visit the hospital gift store and buy a tiny little overpriced nail document for him. A lot of infant hygiene kits

(that are GREAT to register for) have these in them, but if you don’t get one, make sure you have a minimal baby nail document to help trim down their sharp claws when they are born.

So make sure you’ve got stool softener at home to help you keep things regular. I have never seen that, but I’m sure getting constipated right after a baby is excruciating, and I’d prefer not to encounter it. Just grab a little bottle until you have your baby, and you should be good to go.

Well, a lot of this information was new for you, and hopefully, it truly helps make postpartum life with a toddler a lot easier and much more comfortable for everybody!

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