A Letter of Mommy to Her Precious Baby

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As you lay sleeping on your bed, the burden of now lifted in my shoulders. The battles of this day are quickly abandoned, and I find myself looking in the wonder and memorising your face along with the dimples on your palms. This letter is something I want to say to you. I want to rewind the afternoon and explain to you how great you did.

I expect I loved you today.

As I push you to college, I catch a glimpse of your face looking back at me in the back view. I replay the afternoon and find myself wondering.

Can I love you today?

Through the madness of this morning. During brushing your teeth and washing your hands, together with your vast boy stool naturally. Through picking out your clothes daily.

Can I love you today?

Throughout the hustle of this day. Through toilet and dinner time. Playtime and novels. I wonder. Can I give you a lot of my attention? Can I stink you sufficient? Hug you sufficient. Kiss you sufficient. Educate you. Can I hear your tales carefully? Can it inform you how smart you’re?

Since I want you to understand; no more, I want you to know that every day you’re loved. And I will devote each day this life provides me, revealing you. I am reminding you.

Of your importance. Of your worth. Of your strength.

And you answer, “As BIG as the sky,” I expect you genuinely believe it.

I hope you are feeling it. I expect it radiates inside your soul. I suppose it carries you through the darkest of days. I assume, regardless of where this life takes you, you recall it.

Up to you. Encouraging you. During moments of accomplishment and seeing you soar, to the toughest of days. On the times you drive me mad and the times which you resist everything I am attempting to educate you.

I’m here.
Beside you.

When you stumble.

I’ll be here.
Behind you to grab you.

I am hoping I loved you today, my infant. Since you are and always will be, the best thing I have ever achieved.

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