Effective Treatments To Cure Bug Bites In Babies


Keeping your baby safe from bug bites is not easy, but certainly manageable. Living or traveling in a tropical country has its pluses and minuses. Effective Treatments To Cure Bug Bites In Babies are described here. One thing, you can enjoy the beautiful climate like sunshine and monsoon showers. But the same also brings about bugs! Mosquitoes, wasps, small insects… all of them probably make you fear as a parent. Though it is painful to see your little one being pestered by bug and mosquito bites, there is little you can do to prevent them at all times. We will share with you some tips and tricks, which will certainly be helpful for preventing and treating baby bug bites.

How To Recognize Bug Bites?

To be able to treat a bug bite, first of all, you must be able to identify it. If there are lots of bugs around your area or if your baby is spending a lot of time in gardens or parks, then you must definitely keep a watch for these signs.

  • Reddish blotches or tiny bumps on your baby’s skin.
  • Itchy rashes, that may irritate your baby.
  • Swollen bumps, which could turn painful.

Treating Baby Bug Bites:

Regardless of climate, some bugs exist in all conditions. If you have been unsuccessful in preventing the bites, there are many ways in which you can reduce the discomfort and treat them:

1. Infections And Allergies:

In case your child has allergic to certain insect bites, you must consult a doctor and ask for the proper remedy.

  • Allergic reactions can be identified if the swelling and itching do not subside, or if your baby develops wheezing or has a fever.
  • For minor infections, which happen because of bug bites, you can apply an antiseptic cream after cleaning the area thoroughly.

2. Cooling Effect:

Since bug bites are more common during summers and cause itching, it is best to first apply an ice pack or cloth dipped in cold water to the affected area. This will not just provide relief to your darling, but it will also help to reduce red bug bites on baby’s face and also ease swelling.

3. Medicines:

  There are some medicines which are safe and are recommended for bug bites:

  • Apply lacto calamine, which has antiseptic properties and cooling effect. However, avoid areas near eyes, hands, and genitals.
  • Benadryl can be safely administered to control itching.
  • Mild painkillers can be used if the bites become painful. Ask your doctor for the proper dosage.

4. No Scratching:

Stop your baby from scratching the bite area. This can further aggravate itching and cause infections. Cut your baby’s nails short, just as a precaution.

5. Home Remedies:

Try home remedies for a safe, speedy relief.

  • Mixing a little baking powder in water and applying it for subsiding swelling.
  • Apply sandal paste, mixed with a pinch of turmeric. While sandal has a cooling effect, turmeric will act as an antiseptic. Make sure you buy fresh sandal powder and turmeric.
  • Take some neem leaves and crush them to make a paste (grinding in a blender will also do the trick). Apply it over the bug bites for quick relief.

Preventing Bug Bites:

Won’t it be amazing if you can stop the bugs from biting your cherub? Here are a few things you can do to keep away the menace:

  • If there is a sudden increase in the number of mosquitoes in and around your house, use a spray or other methods of getting rid of them.
  • Do not expose the child to open areas for too long. If you take out the child out for a stroll, make sure to keep her well covered. However, avoid very bright colors and floral patterns, as they attract insects.
  • Keep windows closed, especially during the evenings, to prevent bugs from entering.
  • For kids older than 6 months, use mosquito repellent creams. Choose one that is suitable for babies.
  • Use mosquito nets when your baby is asleep or even over her stroller while taking her out.

Doing all this ought to reduce the baby bed bug bites that your baby has to suffer. Whether it’s a mosquito, wasp, bee or fleas, the bite will irritate your child and make her cranky. Soothe her by keeping the surroundings cool. If you have any more suggestions for preventing or treating bug bites, do share them with us.

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