Quick & Delicious Sago Recipes For Your Baby


Is your baby ready for the big switch from breast milk to solid food? Are you keen on weaning your baby? Are you clueless about the foods that you can safely introduce to him? It is a major milestone for your baby when he graduates to a solid diet. However, introducing your baby to solid foods can be a challenge for you. Letting your baby explore various tastes is a good way to introduce healthy foods. One such healthy food item you can include in your baby’s diet is Sago. Read on to know is sago good for babies. Learn why sago for babies is a must-have. Quick & Delicious Sago Recipes For Your Baby

What Is Sago?

Sago (1) is a starch-like extract from the center of tropical palm stems. You can use Sago to cook savories or desserts. It is easily available in most local grocery stores and supermarkets.

Things To Remember:

Before you introduce solids to your baby, he should be able to hold his head up or there are chances of him choking while eating. Always introduce one food at a time to your baby. Repeat the same new food for at least a few days. It will help you understand if your baby can digest it properly. It will also help you observe any allergic reaction your baby may develop due to the new food. Babies can easily digest Sago, so your baby should not experience any constipation or tummy troubles after eating it. Sago can also regulate your baby’s body temperature is high. It is a wholesome food for your baby as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates. Always wash the Sago properly a little before you cook it. You can soak the Sago in hot water so that they cook faster. Do not add any honey to sweeten it, unless your baby is more than a year old. Giving honey to babies who are younger than one year can lead to infant botulism (2). If you are going to add any nuts or fruits, make sure you chop them finely and grind it to a powder form.

Simple Sago Recipes For Babies:

Here are three recipe ideas that you can try out. Check your baby’s taste and preference and cook accordingly.

1. Simply Sago:

Simply Sago

When introducing Sago for the first time, you can simply give it to your baby as a boiled mess. Yes, that is exactly what it will look like, but it will have a distinct flavor. If you take a cup of Sago, add five cups of water in the pan. Bring it to a boil. You may add a bit of salt or butter if your baby’s doctor has given permission to proceed. Alternatively, you can simply boil it until the Sago turns mushy and transparent. It will reach a gel-like consistency. Remember that once it cools down, it will thicken automatically. You can add some mashed fruits to make it tastier and healthier.

2. Sago Porridge:

Sago Porridge

It is a delicious breakfast option for you, that serves sago porridge for babies. Wash the Sago and boil it in water until it turns transparent and gel-like. In a separate pan, boil some milk and add some powdered almonds to it. You can also add a few pods of cardamom to enhance the flavor. Once the milk boils, pour it in the other pan that contains the Sago. Mix well and cook for some time. You can add a little jaggery or sugar. Serve this at room temperature.

3. Sago With Vegetables:

Sago With Vegetables

It is a great way to add more vegetables to your baby’s diet. Wash the Sago and soak it in warm water. Chop or boil a few vegetables and mash them. In a pan, add a little butter and cook the vegetables. Add Sago, a little salt and add some water. Let it cook until the Sago turns transparent. Sago is a very healthy baby food that has many health benefits. The best part about it is that you can make it in different ways. As your baby starts enjoying the taste, add more garnishing to make it healthy and delicious. If you know other yummy Sago recipes for babies, please share it with other moms here. This article was about Quick & Delicious Sago Recipes For Your Baby

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