Effective Tips To Keep Eye Infections At Bay In Infants


Eye infection is very common among newborns. One in every five infant suffers eye infection. Here are some Effective Tips To Keep Eye Infections At Bay In Infants. As your toddler’s body system tries to fight this infection, it is important that you take the matter promptly. Read here to know what causes eye infections in babies and its symptoms. Do not ignore the signs as early detection of eye infection can lower the unnecessary pain your child is suffering from.

Cause And Symptoms:

Eye infection is caused due to bacterial and viral infection, invading the interior of the eyes. Infection can spread from one eye to another. The signs and symptoms of an eye infection vary. But the most common signs include:

  • Teary eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Burning eyes
  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • White watery discharge.
  • Green drainage
  • Dry eyes

The Four Common Baby Eye Infections:

A myth that has been going around for a long period of time is that any person can get the infection just by looking at someone who is suffering from it. This is NOT true! In fact, the drainage from the eye is most contagious for the first 24 hours before any medical assistance.

Here are the most common eye infections in babies:

1. Conjunctivitis Or Pinky Eyes:

Pinky eyes occur due to the viral infection called adenovirus. It makes your infant’s eyes red and produces puss.

  • Allergic conjunctivitis occurs frequently among children on the certain time of the year. It is caused due to pollen.
  • The eyelid lining and the outer protective layer of the eye get infected.
  • Chemicals on soap and air pollution can also cause conjunctivitis.
  • Your doctor may prescribe ointment and eye-drops.

2. Scratched Cornea:

Scratch can be caused due to foreign particles getting into your infant’s eye.

  • It is often the membrane getting scratched causing infection.
  • The most common cause is when your baby touches or scratches her eyes with her own hands.
  • It is not contagious and can be healed with ointment and eye drops.

3. Blocked Tear Duct:

The blocked tear duct is caused due to infection. Its symptoms include watery eyes and swollen cornea.

  • Inflammation is caused due to blockage of the tear duct.
  • As a cure, antibiotics may be recommended by your doctor.

4. Sty:

The sty is often caused in children when they rub their eyes with dirty hands. Here the eyelid gland gets blocked.

  • This issue causes occasional discharge and bumps on the eyelids.
  • If the eye pains, it is due to infection. The warm compress can be very much helpful.

Tips And Treatment For Eye Infection In Babies:

If your family member is affected by conjunctivitis, you can request them to keep away from your infant, until they recover fully. Given below are more tips to take care! 1. Good hygiene is recommended. Ask your family member to throw any infected or non-infected used cotton or tissue into the trash. They should wash their hands often. 2. Eyewash with cold water is a good habit. You can make your child learn this once they are completely cured. 3. Your child’s towel, handkerchief, pillow, etc., should not be shared. 4. Ointment used once by an infected family member should be disposed of. 5. Quarantining your infant in a separate room is good and will help curtail the infection. 6. Do not allow your child stay in AC with infection. 7. Wash your infant’s clothes, towel, and handkerchief with warm water every day and dry them in sun. They should not be allowed to remain wet. If it’s rainy, you can dry them indoor and then iron them. 8. Use the clean cotton ball to clean each eye. It helps in preventing infection. 9. Wash hand with soap thoroughly before touching or feeding your infant. 10. When your infant is suffering from the eye infection, do not apply kajal to your baby’s eyes, as it can be worse. Whatever be the reason for infection, you do not want to ignore your infant eye infection, as your child’s eye is precious. Do not try any home remedy. Treating eye infection with ice is not a good idea, as it can turn worse. It is important that you consult your doctor first, before any kind of medication.

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