Simple Tips To Inculcate Good Sleep Habits In Babies


Does your baby have odd sleep cycles? Does she tend to stay awake during the night? Your baby might be suffering from irregular sleep patterns. Inculcating good sleep habits is crucial for any mother. Read on Simple Tips To Inculcate Good Sleep Habits In Babies to know more about how to establish good sleeping habits in the baby. Sleep is highly essential for your baby, as it is the time when she grows the most. The early you instill good bedtime habits, the better it is for your baby. Inadequate sleep can, in fact, result in behavioral and health issues.

  • The amount of sleep required by your baby varies.
  • By the time she is around 3 months old, she will sleep for around 16 hours in a day. She will sleep for 12 hours at night and 2-4 hours during the other times of the day.
  • Your baby starts enjoying deep sleep from the 6th month. However, new developmental milestones and cognitive awareness may interfere with the sleep patterns of your little one.

Establishing Good Baby Sleeping Habits:

To make sure you as well as your baby get some good sleep, here are some healthy baby Simple Tips To Inculcate Good Sleep Habits In Babies, take a look at

1. Some newborns like to be swaddled while sleeping, while others love to be rocked to sleep. Your baby will need your help to sleep till she is 3 months old. So, you can swaddle or rock her to sleep.

 2. Remember to stick to the bedtime routine that will help her predict what comes next. Feeding can be a part of the bedtime routine. However, feeding should be the last thing before she goes to sleep after 3 months.
3. Make her sleep on her back when you put her in the crib. Until your baby learns to roll, sleeping on the back is a good way to reduce chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. However, once she has learned to roll, there is no need to turn her back, until advised by your pediatrician.
4. Make sure the bed is firm. It is better to keep away the extra pillows, soft toys and blanket from the bed for safety concerns.
5. Encourage your baby to nap, as it is good for health. Doctors suggest that “sleep brings more sleep”. The more she is rested, the easily can she fall asleep again. Babies around 4-5 months old generally nap for 2 to 3 hours and wakes up fresh.
6. Do not over stimulate your little one, as it makes it difficult for her to fall back asleep again. If your baby is overtired, the body releases a stress hormone called cortisol that makes it difficult for her to sleep. Look for signs like rubbing eyes, getting fussy or yawning when she is tired. Put her in bed when you see these signs.
7. Allow your baby to adopt self-soothing techniques for falling asleep. This is a lifelong skill that will help her fall asleep easily. The early you start the process, the better it is for you and your baby.  It is always better to encourage your baby to adopt healthy sleeping habits from an early stage. However, since your baby is never too late to adopt positive changes, you can always begin with the healthy habits. You can discuss with your doctor if you feel there are any health issues interfering with her normal sleep patterns. Share with us your strategies to improve good baby sleeping habits, which you have adopted to help your little one fall asleep in the comment section below. Simultaneously, share this article with your friends and family.

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